John McLean, Maitre d'

Twenty years at The Maisonette, ten years at The Celestial and seven years at The Palace - John Mclean's distinguished career as the Queen City's most recognizable Maitre' D and one of its most well-respected personalities reads like a greatest hits collection of Cincinnati's fine dining heritage. Innumerable newlyweds, anniversary couples, Prom Night revelers and countless others commemorating special occasions of one sort or another have included John Mclean in some of the most cherished moments of their lives. What John brings to the Palace Restaurant is what many Cincinnatians have long come to expect whenever he is the host of their special event or dining occasion, a seamless and timeless combination of the common touch with the savoir-faire and sophistication that only a true "master of the house" can deliver.

A native of Glasgow, Scotland, John began his career as a journeyman on Cunard Cruise Lines in 1962. It was an auspicious beginning for the young Scotsman and waiter apprentice as he quickly became a fixture on the Premier Passenger Line's most illustrious and iconic vessels, the Mauritania, the Sylvania, the Coronia and "the most legendary ship of all time," the original Queen Elizabeth. Arriving in Cincinnati in 1972, John immediately sought out the opportunity to work at the "finest" establishment in town landing a job at what would later become the most revered and longest lasting 5-star restaurant in the world, The Maisonette. The 1970's and 80's were the "glory" years of Cincinnati's fine-dining community and, as waiter, wine steward and Maitre'D, John contributed handsomely to the heyday of The Maisonette's most remarkable era.

1n 1992 John took over operations at The Celestial Restaurant in Cincinnati's Mount Adams neighborhood transforming it into the pinnacle destination for fine-dining enthusiasts and garnering the legendary establishment with its first 4-Diamond commendation. With the arrival of the new Century, John became Maitre'D of The Palace delivering the same legendary hospitality he has built his career upon.

Have a special occasion to celebrate, a cherished memory to make, isn't it time you called John Mclean. You can do just that by making your reservation at The Palace Restaurant.